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  • The Larger Purpose

    The Larger Purpose

    Pointless Aimlessness To go through life aimlessly can be entertaining for a while, but eventually, I found myself asking, “is this all there is to life?” If you can relate, I might have some answers for you. First, I think taking time and reflecting upon how you feel is valuable. Reflecting and asking deeper questions…

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  • I Know

    I Know

    Listen And Feel We cannot fully capture all moments with the use of words. These types of experiences are not everyday occurrences. As far as I know, these are what I’d call transformative experiences. Emphasizing that you’re not alone, but rather a piece of a much significantly larger and more powerful being. We’re spiritual beings…

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  • Void of Meaning

    Void of Meaning

    A few days ago, I clocked out of my 9-5 and took a small nap before getting into my nightly duties at the gym and working on my side hustle. When I woke up it was 4:30 in the afternoon and I felt that I had slept my way into another dimension. I never have…

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  • Lead By Example

    Lead By Example

    The High Aim If you have a target, any sort of goal, you must understand that it’ll likely require change on your behalf to reach this target. Humans are here to grow constantly and to adapt when necessary. If you’re not moving forwards, learning, adjusting, and looking to improve, you will begin to go backward.…

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  • Just Enough Comfort

    Just Enough Comfort

    Long Term Vision The time you have left is continuously ticking down, I don’t mean to be fearful but rather remind you of the importance of how you invest the limited moments. To stay in your comfort zone feels appealing… until it doesn’t. What used to bring you flowing joy now has turned stale, that’s…

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  • Phoenix Rises

    Phoenix Rises

    I dedicate this article to all fellow humans that live under tyranny. I hope there will be a future when this article is devoted to no one because everyone lives in a just society. Let the bird of freedom take flight. Phoenix Rises! The Greater Good Democracies are only as strong as the people are…

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  • One Year Anniversary of Philosophical Rambler

    One Year Anniversary of Philosophical Rambler

    Today is the one year anniversary of when I first began writing on Philosophical Rambler. It has been a very eventful and memorable year to say the least. I have had the opportunity to meet countless people that have forever changed my life and hopefully I have impacted them as well. When I began writing…

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  • True Prayer

    True Prayer

    Included in a forthcoming chapbook. True prayer is one of the greatest gifts that the Lord has given us. Talking to the Lord is a responsibility and privilege that few in the world today often utilize, if at all. Without true prayer, we are but a pawn in the game, whereas when we speak with…

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  • Sanity as a Disease

    Sanity as a Disease

    Included in a forthcoming full length philosophy collection. Sanity becomes a disease when it attempts to strangle creativity and progress. Sanity is the continual feedback from other humans that we are aware, conscious, and supposedly “normal.” As we walk about the world, we look at other humans, walking by each other we wave. This is…

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  • Marathon, A Work of Poetry

    Marathon, A Work of Poetry

    Sitting on a park bench Remembering all that was said As the sky completes the view The work of a young man Forever unfinished Yet felt to be done Only just beginning Till kingdom come He finally won. Check out some of my other thought provoking articles here. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter. If you enjoyed this content…

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