I Know

Listen And Feel

We cannot fully capture all moments with the use of words. These types of experiences are not everyday occurrences. As far as I know, these are what I’d call transformative experiences. Emphasizing that you’re not alone, but rather a piece of a much significantly larger and more powerful being. We’re spiritual beings inside of human bodies. 

You’re Changing

When this knowing occurs, worldly pleasures appear as what they are: distractions from our innate purpose. These old pleasures used to be what you enjoyed day in, day out. Now they do not have that charm… And that’s no coincidence. It is clearly a challenge—one that forces you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Anything that is not pushing you forward is blatantly against your long-term mission. 

Expect Challenge

You now act and live each day with intention! Allowing yourself to be seamlessly, effortlessly, and naturally guided, to listen and feel, focusing your reasoning on what really matters instead of simply thinking through everything. Life is no fairy tale, it’ll always be challenging… So, accepting this and choosing to give it your all is the clear noble route. Trust that you’re never alone, many other humans relate to you, and the all-knowing source is always there. 

Life’s What You Make It

Some of you might not be able to relate to this state of mind right now, but it doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to feel it one day. Some will prefer to stay in the clutches of materialism without a rationally defined life purpose. It’s entirely up to you: Will you put up a wall and remain closed, or will you connect yourself with purposeful and intentional action? I don’t know what’s best for you, but I’m glad I considered these ideas and challenged you to do so too. 

Some experiences are so powerful they’re quite beyond language, and others will understand if they’ve felt this. If you are one of them, you might think right now, “I know.”

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