The Pursuit Of Vanity

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The pursuit of pleasurable vanity is the sign of the intellectual lifestyle and without such pursuits, the mind commits suicide. There is no secular comfort for suffering where there is no vanity. I speak of the world under the sun.

The artist tears open a wound so many times and they never allow the wounds of crucifixion to heal to the point where they could move on. The artists can’t move on because their work is who they are, and their work is an objective soul. What happens to people who move on without themselves?

It is hard to maintain a feeling, a constant aesthetic. The energy required for such a task is beyond what a human can handle, and the mind will soon collapse either way you choose. You have come to a fork in the road and there is the option of complete hedonism or complete asceticism. There is no middle, for you have to embody something in its entirety or you lose your identity.

Who even are you? If your past was removed from memory and your future plans vanished, what is left? Is our memory all that is with us, our own mind? The idea proposed in this paragraph is that the complication of society is what has created a past, present, and future. In the state of nature, there was simple existence as humans. In the state of nature, man in this scenario is a mere animal, and that is what many people would like to be. If you are an animal who can judge you, there is no objective value system then. You simply desire pleasure and fulfill those desires and cravings through any means available, including violence. So then the state of nature is no longer an ideal solution or scenario to describe what we should have as a theory. Rather it seems that the overcomplication of society is what drives this anxiety and need for vanity. The manufactured acquisition of status in the hope of outlasting the incoming wave is the primary cause of this problem.

An Example Of Hedonism In The 21st Century

Pursue what you wish as industrial society becomes outdated and new forms of tyranny take its place with the aim of further control and manipulation of the masses. The greatest weapon we have is a sharp mind and a pen, as all else has so far failed.

With the lack of a direct conclusion to the saga of industrialism combined with the rise of nihilism in mainstream culture, which is infused into the music you hear while shopping at Target, an end is not clear for the system, leaving the individual to roam the barren landscape.

The truth shall set you free, if only you heed what it speaks to you. The truth is painful and will decay your worldview until your last connection with society is severed. At such a point, you are called a radical and a dissident. Embrace the movement to restore tradition.