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Shift Your State Of Being

Humans have an immense list of materialistic wants, which is okay if our true foundation has been established. Dopamine comes from anticipation, so you’ve surely felt the rush before when you receive the item the dopamine fades unfortunately quickly. To be in a state of chase will do you no good, you want to attract what you want instead. To chase will cause that which you’re aiming at to evade you, the key is to build yourself up in a balanced manner.

A Continuous Pursuit

This is done by improving yourself from the core, adjusting your habits and values from however you’ve previously been programmed. Self-reflection will allow you to notice areas of lack, that directly require effort to improve. You’ll never be perfect so it is beneficial to accept that, by preserving your energy and appreciating the progress you’re making. With a pursuit of becoming your best self, you will brighten the atmosphere around you, helping others realize they can make a positive impact on their future.

Self Image

You can grow from who you were yesterday, or even from who you were 1 hour ago. Limiting beliefs and negative self-talk must be destroyed. If you tell yourself you can’t, of course, you won’t do it. Creating a strong self-image takes consistent actions that bring you to a higher frequency, so you recognize you’re on the correct path. For me, it’s about staying away from complaining, processed foods, drama, arguing (different from a debate), alcohol, mainstream media, and pessimistic people. The high-frequency actions are training, deep conversations, walking my dogs, time in nature, enjoying podcasts, consuming natural whole foods, reading, writing, and studying. I’d love to hear some of your personal high-frequency activities.

No Sugarcoating

When a person says “I don’t have time” it’s indirectly an excuse to say “That’s not a priority for me”… Get clear on what’s most valuable to you and prioritize that. It’s helpful to make a list of your top 20 values to help narrow it down. Always be on the lookout for people who operate on a low frequency, they’ll have an effect on you.

Anticipate Regret

Plato says something similar to “the enemy of serenity is expectations conditioning you from society.” You must create more than you consume, but the manner you go about creating should be unique. Don’t allow others’ expectations to mold you into someone you are not. The single largest regret humans have on their death beds is to have lived a life not true to themselves. Value your own opinion above others.

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