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Collin is a Philosopher, Poet, Amazon Best Selling Author, and Editor. Writing on a variety of subjects he evokes timeless stories and ideas, all of his own creation.

Who am I?

My name is Collin and I started the journey that lead me to create this site three years ago. Enjoying history as a kid led me to discover so many subjects that I was passionate about. Over time I have amassed a vast amount of knowledge on a wide variety of subjects but specifically those you will find listed below. Discovering that my true passion was writing and Philosophy lead me to renew my faith in Christ, begin sharing my work, and most importantly…create Philosophical Rambler. This site is for everyone who seeks to learn more about the world, and about themselves. So what does the name mean? In my own words, Philosophical means to use logic, reason, authenticity, and artistic perspective in how we view the world. In my own words, Rambler is a hobo, traveler, hermit, monk, seeker, explorer. Combining the two we have Philosophical Rambler, one who walks the forgotten path, the quiet forest, the hallways of thought. Exploring the world in every aspect while keeping an open mind he seeks truth, wisdom, joy, and fulfillment. As you read all that this site has to offer, ask yourself, are you a Philosophical Rambler?


Amazon Philosophy Aesthetics Bestselling Author

Optics Published in the Northwest Indiana Literary Journal

Executive Editor of Faded Cobalt

Certificate in Introductory Philosophy, University of Edinburgh

Member of the Society for Christian Philosophers

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