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A few days ago, I clocked out of my 9-5 and took a small nap before getting into my nightly duties at the gym and working on my side hustle. When I woke up it was 4:30 in the afternoon and I felt that I had slept my way into another dimension. I never have anger, sadness, or anxiety, I simply exist in a tranquil state of life being life. However, as I got ready for the gym, I meandered around the house and thought to myself “I don’t know how people live everyday without any purpose.”

What does it mean to seek out purpose? I know that some people can find meaning and fulfillment in their 9-5, perhaps they’re a mother, father, a person whose life is centered around the family and that’s okay. There is something more out there though, and I want people to understand this. There is a life that goes beyond everything you now know, that is achievable. You don’t have to imagine what it would be like, you just have to pick a direction and continually work towards that goal, eventually you will get there.

“Do something enough until it would be unreasonable to not be good at it.”

A lot of people feel as if something is unattainable because either A. they’ve never seen anyone personally achieve it or B. because they’ve never attempted said thing, thus them deeming it impossible. If you haven’t tried to be successful, why would it be reasonable for you to be successful? If I wanted to live like a celebrity, but I haven’t done a single thing to achieve what they have, why on earth would I think it would be reasonable to have that life?

Success is different for everyone, but most of us can agree that escaping the 9-5 to be financially sustainable on our own is the overarching dream most people have. For me it’s doing this, starting an online business and building a brand, I prefer the hustle of that. Whereas some people may want to be artists, singers, influencers, fighters, or whatever.

Chances are whatever you want to be, you haven’t even tried. You’ve fallen for the weekend warrior, Friday happy hour, piss away your life on the weekend, rinse and repeat lie that they sold you. 30 years ago, that would have been fine, companies were loyal, housing was less expensive, cars were 10k brand new, and gas was under $1.50. It was a different time, this is no longer, loyalty has ceased to exist, the minute you fall on the wrong side of the spreadsheet you’re done pal.

Creating a life worth living?

I’ve given you the problem, so I won’t leave you without a solution. PICK SOMETHING and master it, don’t try something, get two months in, decide it’s hard and quit. Make a move that has longevity, that will generate cash, and that you can do full time without having to punch a clock. Affiliate marketing, drop shipping, e-commerce, brand management, web design copywriting, ghost writer etc. Those are just a few things that you can start TODAY, (because tomorrow doesn’t exist) and make some cash.

There is a delicacy to this, you can either decide to push the chips in, bet on yourself and go full force into something, or you can build something on the side of your full-time job. I like the safe bet, I like stacking up my base hits, getting the bases loaded, then every move I make gets me one step further. Ultimately the choice will be yours, I told you how I am currently going about it, but you decide. You might even take the chance, “greatness is on the other side of fear”. What do you see when you close your eyes and think of your future? Is it your dream or someone else’s?

“Greatness is on the other side of fear”

Die to others, to live for yourself.

Don’t concern yourself with what others think, friends, peers, family, no one. You aren’t in their shoes! When you absorb and listen to the thoughts of the bottom 99% you end up like the bottom 99%. You have to invest in your surroundings, place yourself around like minded, driven people, you’re the average of the five people you hang out with. If you don’t have any good influences, you’re better off going solo until you’re able to curate your surroundings.

Success and ambition is lonely, I don’t have friends, I don’t want any because everyone is doing the same junk! Work Monday – Friday, bars and theater on the weekend, throwing away the most valuable moments to level up. I want people to be comfortable, I really do, but if the next few years are anything like 2019-2022 it won’t be good, so you better get started now.

Your people are out there, so is your future, but you have to be consistent. You have to develop the same habits of those who are operating on a higher tier than you are, they have a lot to share and you have a lot to learn. Life is a work in progress, however time is of the essence and it’s running out. We live in the greatest time in history to not end up like those who came before us. Love and cherish them with all your being, but do not end up like them, or it will all be for naught.

Appreciate those who came before you, learn from those above you and start developing the daily habits that will drive you in the direction of success. It doesn’t have to be a religious adherence to a routine because the minute your routine gets thrown off, your day is shot. Be adaptable and stay dangerous. Realize that your future lies beyond the biweekly paycheck and the 40-hour work week. Live your life with purpose; good luck, get after it and be better!

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