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The High Aim

If you have a target, any sort of goal, you must understand that it’ll likely require change on your behalf to reach this target. Humans are here to grow constantly and to adapt when necessary. If you’re not moving forwards, learning, adjusting, and looking to improve, you will begin to go backward. With the growing powerful reach of technology, the example you set each day is more important than ever before. You yourself have the potential to change millions of lives.

Input = Output

At the same time, you may have fallen into a vicious negative cycle. Without self-awareness, you might be consuming low-quality, divisive, negative, fearful information. Whatever you consume is what you’ll become, so it’s vital to rid yourself of all the toxic types of information I listed above. If you want to help anyone on this Earth, you must start with yourself, improving your self-image and wisdom. There are NO excuses to be mediocre in today’s age when knowledge is a couple of clicks away. 

Everything Is Not Within Your Control

How you think, feel, do and say are all in your control. Be sure to show up every day as the role model you wish you had when younger. Someone will emulate you, so if you’d like to be a positive influence on others, be aware of the example you’re setting. You can’t force anyone to change, but you can plant seeds by sharing your abundant high energy. When you’re accountable for how you act, you empower yourself, taking life into your own hands and becoming your best self. 

Be The Standard

It all begins with you. Build yourself into an admirable person whose ripple effect touches many. Hold yourself to a high standard, and stop blaming external circumstances for things within their control. If you stick to daily self-improvement, it is just a matter of time before others look at you and wonder how following a similar path to yours might benefit them.

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