An Interview with Justin Egliskis

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Since Justin Egliskis became a contributing author to this blog, we did an interview with him so you all can get to know a little bit of the person behind the name.

#1 Where did you grow up, and how has that shaped your outlook on life and career?

I was raised in Torrington, Connecticut, in the USA. This town has plenty of people and areas ranging from poverty-ridden to high-class wealthy families. I grew up in the low-quality area of town, as my dad did not contribute much, and my mom carried her cross. I was fortunate, though, as even in this low-quality area, I had clothes, heat, a roof over my head, and food. As a kid, I compared myself to others who had more and pitied myself. It took a long time for me to find gratitude. 

When I was 18, my mom, my two sisters, and I moved to a better part of Torrington. My outlook on life has been shaped more by the people I spent time with than anything else. I invested most of my time playing sports and enjoying the outdoors while growing up. I had childhood neighbors who I spent most of my time playing with, riding bikes, and running around. 

#2 When did you know you loved philosophy?

In school, I always daydreamed. My imagination constantly ran as a young adolescent. I lost this creativity as a teen, going through the motions. After community college, I found myself wanting to do anything but be enslaved to a 9-5 career. I began using all my work hours to consume podcasts about the stock market. After learning much about the markets and noticing trading intertwined much with psychology, I began to expand who I listened to. Finding Jordan Peterson changed my life; how he spoke, explained his thoughts, and presented his knowledge began to affect who I wanted to become. 

#3 What inspired you to start producing content?

Eventually, I felt I had something of value to share with the world. Not many gave me feedback, but some did, encouraging me. Noticing I was helping a few, I became aware that there is a huge need for content focusing on health, fitness, psychology, and spirituality. I want to be of value to other humans and guide them when they find themselves alone at a point I had also felt alone. 

#4 What has been the most exciting part of the journey?

Slowly, I’ve noticed how my view of myself is changing. Although my confidence for so long was so little, to feel myself gaining strength to speak and help others has me feeling enthusiastic. I am accountable each day. If not, my inner dialogue does let me know. 

#5 What is something people don’t know about you?

My love for nature is abundant. I could consume all the philosophy I want, but if I don’t get sunlight and fresh air, I feel poor. There is a deep connection between humans and nature. 

#6 Who is an author you look up to and why?

Viktor Frankl, because his ability to see light in the darkest of situations reminds me constantly to stop being ungrateful. It’s easy to find ourselves trapped in the prison of our own minds… using his experiences, I am sure my life is not nearly as challenging as his. He survived the Holocaust and he made the best out of a treacherous environment. 

#7 Where do you see yourself in the future? End goal?

Well, to guide the next generation to value freedom, authenticity and kindness would be amazing. I aim to influence many in a positive manner, allowing them to grow and evolve with me. I know life can be hard, so I want to build a community that encourages the best out of all. Creating videos and writing feels so fulfilling to me, I’d love to be financially free and be able to do this type of work that doesn’t even feel like work. 

It takes extreme ownership to hold yourself to the standard of being your best. You can do it.

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