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My name is Mark Vega aka Darkened_m00d. I am a Dark Artist from Queens New York that loves playing around with colors and visual glitch textures. Pixel sorting and glitches fly in the face of perfection, so much of social media is centered around perfection that I like to break things up. I also like creating scenes that can bring a sense of dread to the viewer. What can I say, I love Dark Art and I love creating it.

1. Where Did You Grow Up And How Has That Impacted Your Art?

I grew up in Queens New York. The graffiti scene was wild in the late 80s and early 90s. Everywhere you looked there were colorful murals or tags. The winters were grimy, gray, and cold but there would be pops of color abound. I went to college and work in Manhattan. The cold, grandness of the borough stands tall and casts long shadows. 

2. When Did You Know You Loved Art And Wanted To Pursue It?

I have always loved the arts. I knew I would love to tell stories. I wrote a novel with my brother and self-published it in 2013. With visual art, I realized I was able to connect with people around 1999. I went to school for web design and my portfolio never landed me a job, only compliments that my layouts and colors should be hanging on walls. I questioned myself for years because when I was young, I let others’ opinions truly dictate what I thought of my work. Constructive criticism is a wonderful thing but it’s the destructive putting down that should be discarded. 

3. What Inspires You To Continue Creating? 

I try and learn something new each time I create. Creating has been a wonderful outlet for me for a long time. Telling a story through my images is a wonderful feeling. That being said, I want to always create, it’s an urge especially when inspiration hits. Inspiration can come from anywhere. 

4. What Has Been Your Greatest Achievement So Far?

Artistically? I don’t have a greatest achievement. I would say hearing positive feedback from other artists is certainly a wonderful feeling. Making a sale is a short-lived high. 

5. What Is Something People Don’t Know About You?

I would say most outside of my small circle of family, most don’t know much about me. I’ve worked 20 years in law libraries. Boring for sure. 

6. What Cultural Figure Do You Look Up To?

I don’t really look up to any cultural figure. Growing up my favorite actor was River Phoenix, favorite musician was Kurt Cobain. They died young and took the shine away from idolizing cultural figures. If I had to answer I’d say I very much respect the career and life of Keanu Reeves. 

7. Where do you see yourself in the future? What is your end goal?

My end goal is to stay healthy and alive long enough to see my son succeed and have a family of his own. My art is for me pretty much. It’s a niche of a niche. I’d be a fool if I was expecting any kind of status with my work. It’s meant to shake perceptions, hopefully, reveal a truth about yourself. Good or bad, it isn’t working that’ll make you feel good. Sure there are colors that represent hope in the darkness but people mostly ignore the darkness. Fall into the trap of perfection or that this life is all about them. The fact is that we’re all lucky to wake up each day, just don’t forget that one day you won’t. That puts things in perspective for me. 

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