Just Enough Comfort

Long Term Vision

The time you have left is continuously ticking down, I don’t mean to be fearful but rather remind you of the importance of how you invest the limited moments.

To stay in your comfort zone feels appealing… until it doesn’t. What used to bring you flowing joy now has turned stale, that’s how my exit out of the comfort zone felt.

It’s not that the activity isn’t “fun”, but the pain of regret after participating in the activity is just too strong to continue to bear. Maybe you don’t even feel regret yet, In that case, I’d assume you’re not ready to evolve from caterpillar to butterfly.

Importance Of Clarity

My experience took a while, I partied and numbed myself continuously… spending time with friends and not thinking much about my future. A turning point comes when you desire to work for your future self. Well before this comes a small seed with a potential big vision.

I knew I wanted to work for myself, but how could I turn that into reality? Well, you have to be curious and expose yourself to new ideas. I’ve listened to thousands of hours of podcasts, and YouTube videos from people that I admire over the years.

Now listening is a step… but researching is another level. The difference is you take notes when you’re researching, you’re intently looking to absorb the information and re-create it in your unique way. Our input correlates to our output… A good rule of thumb is don’t listen to advice from someone who isn’t where you’d like to be.

Success Is The Journey

There are levels to life. There are skills that are built but are not tangible, like mindset, communication, listening, and confidence. Of course, you can see body language and hear the clearness in one’s speech but these skills are not materialistic.

I urge you to get out of your little cozy box and admit you don’t know anything (neither do I)… Once you get humble and recognize how much room there’s for you to grow you’ll come to realize you can do anything you commit to.

I can’t tell you how to live. I just share my perception of my experiences. Be kind, observe rather than judge.

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