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Revival Aesthetica is an American-Canadian author, life coach, content creator, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Revival Aesthetica media page and blog.

Alongside this, he is also a university student and graphic designer. He is fluent in English and Arabic, and in his free time likes to exercise, watch documentaries, and create all kinds of content.

1. Where Did you Grow up and How Has That Impacted Your Outlook And Beliefs?

I saw myself growing in a variety of places, each area bringing me a truly new experience. I’ve met new people, made new friends, and seen new sights. I’ve lived in both suburban and rural areas, as well as a combination of the two. I can say for a fact that living in the sort of wide, open spaces in smaller towns has impacted the way I see things, and how my ideas shifted with time. I wasn’t always the way that I was when it came to my life, one of the biggest reasons I picked up on self-improvement in the first place. However, I can say with some degree of certainty that had I not grown up in the way, place, and circumstances in which I had grown up there is a high chance I wouldn’t be the way I am today.

We all live different lives. We all live in different households. However, at the end of the day if your mind is in the right place then you can accomplish many great things. It may take some time, especially depending on the situation of your life, but it can happen, only if you put in your effort.

2. When Did You Know You Loved Philosophy And Inspiring Others?

I’ve always been someone who was heavily interested in the world of much deeper thinking and ideas. This love began to shift towards a much more philosophically-based perspective probably when I was in high school. I found myself becoming more and more invested in writing and ideas that I subscribed to and this began to manifest into a love for philosophy. Since then I have studied so many ideas, read from so many books, and have grown a major interest in what I study.

When I was younger I was heavily invested in world-building, and it was a fun and entertaining way to express the ideas I studied, economic, political, and religious, all in sort of a defined and realistic way. The more I grew, not just physically but also mentally, the more and more I learned about the tree roots that is the world of intellect. I learned about the world of the philosophy of life when I got interested in self-improvement, and from there it’s been a massive shift upwards.

I don’t think there was any one point in which I didn’t like teaching people the things I learned. I like showcasing my journey and ideas to display the things we can do if we put our minds to it and to try and inspire other men like me, who are in the position I once was in, to get up and become the best version of themselves that they can be. 

I am not the best, and I never will be. But that’s the beauty of work: it never ends. Every step you take is a step in a new direction. Every morning you wake up you are better than the one prior. Improvement is a continuous and ongoing process, and we need to embrace it.

3. What Inspired You To Start Producing Content? 

What inspired me to make content was seeing other people in the world of self-improvement showcasing their journeys from zero to 100. When I first started out I was simply posting motivational ideas and statements. However, since then my content has evolved so many times to how it is now.

I got inspired by seeing the inspiration, right in front of my eyes. I knew I was good with social media and technology, and I wanted to consciously help others improve alongside me and to follow my travels throughout the realms of the universe.

We’re all conscious travelers, and the least we can do is fly together. 

4. What Has Been The Most Exciting Part Of Your Journey?

The most exciting thing has definitely been the learning experience. The immeasurable amount of education I’ve gained since I started getting serious about my work online has been phenomenal. I look back on myself prior to starting my self-improvement journey and realize just how little I knew. We often see ourselves as much more knowledgeable than we truly are, only to learn later on in life that we knew only a drop in the ocean that is wisdom. 

My knowledge of food, emotions, energy, the human body, and life has expanded, and will always continue to do so with every waking moment. 

5. What Is Something People Don’t Know About You?

I was very deep in the world of linguistics at some point in my earlier life, back when I was invested in world-building. The best thing about this era wasn’t just the immense knowledge I learned in regards to the world of languages, it was the immense knowledge I learned in regards to the world in general. I learned countless facts from all over the globe. I studied the history of practically every group, picked up on lingual ideas and similarities, read mythology from the Natives to the Circassians, and more. I would search for hours on end, finding all kinds of sources, lost footage, and hard-to-find facts in regards to many obscure groups in the world, such as the natives of Siberia. It truly was a time of intellectual growth for me. Alongside the world-building, I also developed many large and complex linguistic projects based off of the places in the world I studied. These were full-on genuine languages, covering as many bases as I could possibly. I got more advanced and developed as I went along, and I credit this era of growth for how I am today. It also sparked a massive interest in cultural, geographical, and racial genetics that I still hold to this day.

6. Who Is An Author/Public Figure You Look Up To?

An author I look up to is my older sister. Growing up with her, she’s always been an inspiration to me when it came to many things in life. She inspired me to write originally. It led me to try my hand at novel-writing when I was younger, since she is a novel author in the first place. Combined with my knack for world-building when I was younger, I did truly try. However, I found myself struggling to write out fictional stories properly and in a well-done manner, and so I eventually switched to academic and philosophical writing, where I flourished. Had it not been for her being such an inspirational figure to me, especially when it came to intellect, I would not have started writing in the first place. I am only so good at what I am due to years of working on my writing skills and honing in on my own, distinguishable style. 

We all find inspirations to look up to. There will always be a much higher state we desire to achieve, and so the very first inspiration I saw in my life was my sister.

7. Where Do You See Yourself In The Future? 

I see myself in a glorious state of mind, body, and spirit. I have never and will never see myself as anything lower than what I am working towards achieving. I see myself successful. I see myself improving. I see myself stronger. I see myself healthier. I see myself happier. I see myself better in every way possible. It’s what I have been and what I will always be fighting to achieve. I will meet my goals, even if it takes years of struggle.

Why else are we here on this earth anyways?

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