Man and his World

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In this modern age, man has lost his sense of dignity, adventure, conquest. His senses and inspirations have been numbed by modernity and industrial society. He has lost what it means to be a man and what it means to be human! In order for the world to become a better place, the collective society must return to its root and tradition. For man to once again reach higher and expand his world, he must look to nature and art, music, and literature. We must return to tradition! To return the collective to such a state is a task beyond that of one man. It is a task for all of humanity.

Every single person must act upon what they can, realizing we can improve further. It appears most of us believe that we can no longer achieve great things or improve our country or world. We have been told we have the greatest country and most remarkable modern age, and while yes, that is undoubtedly true, we must understand what got us here. The innovations and inspirations of the few men are what changes entire generations! You can have that idea, and you can go down in history as someone who mattered.

You can improve this world in so many ways; look around you! The day and the challenge are upon us, but you must act now! You have a unique opportunity; the entire world is available to you as we speak! The world is waiting for someone to mold it into something great once again. The days creep forward to the end, yet we march forward for many lives can be changed. We forget not our ancestors and heritage, moving forward in progress in the way that each individual knows best. Change the world today, for we die tomorrow.

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