The Scholar and the Soldier

Which career path to take? Is that not an eternal question? 

The scholar reads the book and sits by the river, yet he never acts. The soldier runs through the flames but never looks at the ruins. The large majority of our society is either a scholar or a soldier. Do you work in finance? Great, so you manipulate numbers. Do you work as a teacher? Great, so you work to get your test scores up in your class. The person in government is a scholar and a soldier. He studies a variety of subjects and applies them to help his community and nation. The lawyer studies his craft and the world and then applies it to help people or an organization. The physician studies his medicine and how to help the sick. His studies bring everyone benefits from his knowledge of medicine and his ability to treat illness. 

One must be able to do both to thrive and move up in society and do well as a person in life. It is critical to be able to look at the world as though the scholar watching the river. As essential as the scholar is, so is the soldier quality as one must act quickly and take action to do something with his life rather than reading a book. A book is worth nothing unless acted upon, yet acting upon a book is often just reading it. This analogy is simple, yet the majority of us do not see it. Few will understand this, and even fewer will apply it. Those who apply it will succeed. Go out today into the world and succeed. Your dreams are waiting.

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