Intellectual Evolution

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The constant evolution of the intellectual is the necessary transformation that one must endure. Without the continued growth of the mind reaching higher and higher, the reason for life for many would collapse quickly. Reaching points that you never thought were possible are the signposts that you are on the right path into the future. Preparing you are all the sleepless nights where you contemplate every single aspect of yourself and of the world. Without people like this, nearly everything you enjoy currently would not exist.

You are reading this because of those people because I am proud to call myself one of them. We are a rare breed that tends to be found in open places where you would not expect. The intellectual must have a continued developmental growth to keep himself sane; otherwise, he turns to folly or crime. It is the challenge, the game. It is like climbing a canyon with no safety harness. We avoid pain at all costs, and we do not remember life before discovering our personality and passions. It is vital for the world that they foster intellectuals for society to become a better place. There are many of us; you just must do some digging. Next time you walk outside, remember all that intellectuals have contributed to this world. It all starts with a single sunrise.

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