Those Who Die Young

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Suicide, drugs, car crash. There are so many ways that our youth are dying in the modern world, and it seems to be getting worse. How do we as a society answer this? The answer is clear by the time you finish this thought-provoking read.

Those who die young are a phenomenon that our society cannot handle. How can someone die, let alone so young? Were they not just so full of joy and pleasure? The ending of such a short life is pain beyond belief to the family and friends. Is this not what happens in war? War is sending young men to die who have hopes and dreams, girlfriends and wives, mothers, and fathers. To the individual, war is not glorious. To lower your friend into the ground as they fire off the guns is something that many never recovered from.

Back in the civilian world, teenagers are dying more than ever. Our life expectancy is higher than ever, and yet more young people are dying at alarming rates of drugs, suicide, car crash, etc. It is not brought up very often because if you are kept ignorant of your being, you are your mind and nothing more. Think about this for a moment. How often do you look into the mirror or get a cut and realize you are human? Until pain is felt, we do not realize we are human, and we do not recognize our short time span on this earth. It is much easier to ignore this and be in denial of your mortality. Nearly every one of us does it, whether you want to admit it or not. We deny our humanity to operate without the constant fear of death.

Any of us may be in a car crash today, have a heart attack, or commit suicide from the depression that many people hide. Think about the potential that is lost, how much joy they could have brought to the world. A short time ago, you remember them being born, but now you stand in front of their grave. You see their picture and feel strange because you do not know how to feel. Though they continue to look at us through the photographs, do they even know how they died? You stand in front of their grave, but you know it should not have been this way. You yell, and you scream, and you cry, and you weep, but nothing will bring them back.

We think that everyone should have a full life, but the world does not work that way. The people who die young are but a statistic in the nightly news; they are but a headstone at the cemetery. Full of youth and life and possibility. Memories of what could have been and what should have been plague the family until their own eventual passing. They cannot be gone; there is simply no explanation. This is the point where so many people themselves enter depression and sadness, not realizing that it is an endless tunnel that so many never escape. Society cant give you an answer for death, and neither can religion. The answer to death is found in Jesus Christ, for he is risen.

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