The Larger Purpose

Pointless Aimlessness

To go through life aimlessly can be entertaining for a while, but eventually, I found myself asking, “is this all there is to life?” If you can relate, I might have some answers for you. First, I think taking time and reflecting upon how you feel is valuable. Reflecting and asking deeper questions on why you feel how you feel will bring clarity to your life. A life without voluntary challenge is not sustainable in the long run—your mind will tear itself to pieces. Humans need a mission, something worth working toward, as a requirement to thrive.

Shine on the Hidden Purpose

Arriving at the awareness that you’ve been running from who you could become will bring unpleasant feelings. Understanding the comfort zone may feel good, but you can feel ten times as good if you start pursuing a meaningful goal. Listen, life will be hard no matter what—it’s hard to be rich, and it’s hard to be broke. So why would you not choose the better hard? Keep in mind: Having a high aim leads to much more positive emotion than having a low one.

Your Larger Purpose is a Drive

You have the potential deep within to make powerful differences in people’s lives. All goodness is rooted in education. Since our brains can improve as we grow, the big key is finding what naturally interests you. Start to question yourself, figure out where you’re wasting time, and how you could begin to be more intentional with your energy. The most potent currency out there is your attention and focus (that’s why so much online content is free). Listen, all I’m asking of you is to do your best every single day.

Fire It Up

Comparison can be the thief of joy, but you can also use it as a driver to be better. How you choose to re-frame emotions can utterly transform your entire being. You’ve truly conquered a precious milestone in growing up when somebody is more important to you than yourself. Personally, what keeps me at my best is the idea of how many people I’m letting down when I don’t do what I know I’m supposed to be doing. So, what’s the first step you know you have to take to improve?

Work toward a goal that’s so deeply powerful that you feel intellectually, practically, and spiritually fulfilled. Let your being be pulled by the discrete pull of your larger purpose.

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