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Could it be that there are universal principles? Humans must have an outlet for their thoughts. It doesn’t feel good when you hold in all your energy. Each circumstance brings an abundant amount of variables into the equation, which affects how you express your thoughts. That being said, there are principles that, when adopted, benefit all situations. 

Follow the Golden Rule

To treat others how you’d like to be treated, be sure you’ve hydrated, eaten, and have quality sleep, to repeat back to the speaker to confirm you’ve accurately heard what they said.

A situation will arise when somebody is communicating in an unacceptable manner, and you must address this quickly. If a small problem isn’t solved, it’s not long before that problem is no longer small. Understanding communication consumes significant energy and requires continuous effort. Anything with multiple people becomes more complex, and you can’t help somebody who doesn’t want help.

Surround Yourself with Excellence

It’s best to be around individuals who’d like to grow with you. Your environment will truly make you or break you. And there’s no shortage of suffering in this life, so you must save yourself first. Putting yourself first involves creating clear boundaries and having a little bit of predictability.

You also want a bit of unpredictability, and to expose yourself to people who you can disagree with respectfully. When you know yourself and what you’re aiming at, others will have clarity on what to expect from you. Be sure to recognize saying yes to something is indirectly saying no to another thing. 

Make Your Own Decisions

Life is filled with trade-offs. Each decision you make is a vote for who you aim to become. You will benefit from choosing habits over feelings, and often the difficult path is the correct path. For instance, you probably don’t want to have that difficult conversation, yet you know it’ll help work things out.

Prioritize building clear boundaries and developing the ability to communicate precisely. Such universal principles will serve you well.