Words Alone

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Words alone can not give a man the perspective you have. You cannot distill experiences. You can not distill the pain. You can not refine the struggle. Through words, one can make another aware of their experience, but they can not make them feel that experience. Words are powerful, but emotions described through words have a limit, music has a limit, nearly all mediums have a limit. This is why artists keep trying to find new mediums to express themselves to others. To get someone to understand what you have gone through is the process of closure that many of us must have in order to move on. Though writing is my chosen primary medium, I acknowledge its limitations to an extent. It is like a snapshot in time, and it does not continually evolve but leaves a memory of the past.

What one writes today they may not feel the next week; that is the same experience that all people who create have. Without the expression, it is an overload, but only expressing yourself halfway and feeling limited in how you can explain yourself to others and how they will perceive you leads to the process of perfectionism. Perfectionism plagues nearly all creators, and it is quite common. Artistic and creative expression, the pinnacle of human thought. Remember, words alone can not transfer a soul.

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