Ideal, Free Verse Poetry

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Philosophical Rambler

We find ourselves

Working for ideals

Immaterial, yet the golden calf

Striving for virtue

Trampling upon the orphan

Praising society

Neglecting to correct its effects

On the human soul

Oil coating men from birth

Oil suffocating them causing death

Is the oil not what they all want?

Is the oil not what YOU want?

Is that not what YOU are working for?

Are you injecting yourself with the oil?

The suffocation is the intoxication

Claiming to be honorable

Yet YOU took the money

Claiming to be holy

Yet YOU ate the apple!

Falling into a deeper pit of pitch darkness

Our limbs wish to leave us

They weigh us down

As we have done to nature through our actions

Do not appear to be tormented

Do not appear to be disturbed

For they will market it to great profit

And they will gift some of the profit

To the childrens hospital

There is the cycle.

When they have finished their course with you

The shadows with suits take up their shovels

Filling your pit with dirt day by day

Cause of death:

Cultural Asphyxia

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