The Case for Heaven, A Book Review

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The Case for Heaven Lee Strobel Review

The Case for Heaven is a newly released book by New York Times Bestselling Author Lee Strobel. Strobel has written many books in the realm of Christianity and apologetics. The Case for Heaven is a title that argues for the existence of life after death from a Christian perspective. Using new research, interviews, and solid scripture, Strobel creates a compelling case.

Released by Zondervan Books, the book is roughly 230 pages. The content is easy to understand for the average reader, while at the same time providing new information and perspectives to a more intellectual audience. I was able to read the title in two days, a sharp contrast to the amount of time that the author put into creating it. I would highly recommend this book to people with an interest in apologetics, theology, or simply Christianity in general. The book is also highly accessible for high school students curious about life after death and what the Bible has to say about heaven.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and encourage anyone with an interest to check it out. I particularly enjoyed the section about near death experiences and their impact on the faith of believers. Also, the cover is very aesthetically pleasing which attracts people to have interest in the title. I look forward to reading more from Lee Strobel in the future!

You can check out The Case for Heaven by Lee Strobel on Amazon here.

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