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Person of Interest J Warner Wallace

Person of Interest by J. Warner Wallace is a resourceful, insightful, and enjoyable read that outlines how Christ is relevant to our world in the 21st century. With countless images, examples, and compelling dialogue it is a wonderfully crafted book for the general population, especially those who are already Christians and are looking to strengthen their faith.

At just over 250 pages, the book has large print and is able to be read within a few days for a typical reader. The book combines the interesting professional skills of J. Warner Wallace as a detective and his interest in apologetics to discover evidence and cultural reinforcement for Jesus Christ as our Lord. With a compelling case, the reader is left to decide what they believe.

I personally enjoyed the story of the homicide case that he intertwined with the search for evidence about Jesus. This detail made the book even more interesting as we learned about a mysterious real life murder story as well as continual apologetic resources. Another compelling part of the book is the graphics that give the reader a clear example of certain points that Wallace is making.

Published by Zondervan Books in 2021, the opening four pages of the title highlight some of the stellar reviews from prominent apologists and people from other areas of life. With such anticipation at the beginning, the book does not disappoint.

I highly recommend this book to those looking at Christianity for the first time, recently converted believers, and anyone looking to learn more about Christ and culture.

You can purchase the book Person of Interest from Amazon here.

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