The Need for Communication

Do you know what people are going through? Sometimes we just don’t care. We don’t take the time to sit down and think about life. We don’t take the time to consider what is wrong with our friends, our family, our coworkers, our neighbors…we just coexist with them. They exist, and so do we, so we have to deal with them. Isn’t this our attitude? Why is this? We wave to our neighbor, yet we don’t know their name. We don’t know their story. We don’t know if they believe in Christ, we don’t know who they are. “Oh yeah that’s Mr. Smith” but do you know him? You think so, you really seem to think so. He has three kids and works at the local corporation. He went to Florida on vacation and his wife enjoys baking. Isn’t this how we view everyone around us? You think you know your family, but have you taken the time to talk to them? Do you want to talk to them? Maybe they don’t want to talk to you, maybe they are scared. You are probably scared too. Society today says that we should talk through our screen. Turn off your Zoom video, listen to the rest of the black screens with names of people we pretend to know. John works in the tech department with you, doesn’t he? What else do you know about him? Does he have kids? What does he want out of life?

 We fail to ask the most basic questions about those around us, held back by fear. I challenge you to talk to someone about their future. They probably won’t know what they want in their future, but you’ll have made a connection. A connection leads to a friend, a friend leads to someone you invite to your house, a guest at your house is someone you trust. You can talk to someone you trust, can’t you? You can talk to someone you trust about your life. You can talk to someone you trust about everything you are dealing with. You can talk to someone you trust about Christ.

 Questions have eternal consequences.

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