The Jesus We Missed, A Book Review

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The Jesus We Missed

The Jesus We Missed is a compelling, thought-provoking, and resourceful read for anyone interested in learning more about the human nature of Jesus Christ. The author of this title is Patrick Henry Reardon, a prominent author, podcaster, and much more. It also includes a foreword by Russell D. Moore, who is President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. The title was published in 2012 by Thomas Nelson.

The book comes in at 209 pages and is easily readable within a few days. I personally thoroughly enjoyed the book as the content was not overly theological and not strictly practical. The Jesus We Missed is a narrative of the life of Jesus Christ from the perspective of him being human. As stated by the author, we often overlook how human Christ truly was and attribute his divinity in an elevated position due to how we see Jesus today.

The content follows the biblical narrative outlined in the gospels, highlighting the humanity of Christ in nearly every situation imaginable. The author does a fantastic job of covering a wide variety of topics relating to the humanity of Christ and what he would have been like to have been around. This book is a compelling reminder that Jesus Christ was both fully man and fully God. An often stated theological fact, but just as often unrealized reality.

From someone who has spent countless hours reading about Christianity and theology, this book was a refreshing reminder. It definitely changes your perspective on Jesus Christ, the man. Anyone who has knowledge of Christianity, from any tradition, will find this book a good read and surely worth their time. This is a fantastic first introduction to Christ for those who are not as well-versed in Christianity.

I would highly recommend this book for Christians, skeptics, inquirers, and anyone interested in learning more about the most impactful man ever to live.

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