The Inversion of Archetypes

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Trapped. No escape for those who are not fed what they need to thrive. Even the strongest cannot survive without the satisfaction of basic needs. So what if we keep those elements contrived to those only basic to survival? Would it not be like a society kept as if they were just little children reliant on their parents?

I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

But what does it mean to be a “little child”? And if we are indeed little children, who are our parents? Is it not the dream for the earthly tyrant to become the great governing parent on earth? Keep us hungry, so we beg for food, and the state will be our master.

“But that is not the case! We have all the food we can eat now!”

Yes. Indeed. We have all the food we can eat; we have all the pleasure we could ever wish for too. Everything is in abundance, and we little children can eat as much as we like. So, maybe, just maybe, the parent of today is not a tyrannical father, but instead an overbearing mother.

As I have stated before, the devil works his tricks through inversions. And so the cultural collective voice will have you believe we are living in a tyrannical patriarchal society, when in fact the opposite is true. We are living in the beginning of a Pollyanna-like, motherly-tilted society. The pendulum is deep into Yin, and for this the father is forsaken. So here we explore the nature of the mother archetype, of which is being expressed to its extreme in the West. One needs not need look further than modern art to understand the annoyance directed towards characters such as Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter. The ever-fake smiling pink snake that has the mask of a Cheshire cat. So loving and compassionate she is, so nurturing and caring. Or so the mask displays . . . Yet underneath this façade, is a resentful creature indeed. A creature that has not found expression of its naturally motherly instincts, and so instead projects these instincts in shadow form. What a shame to see such an inversion of such beauty as the Lord created it, as is the way for all archetypes not expressed and embodied in the light. But this shadow of the feminine is so gentle and soft, that its tendrils go so uneasily unnoticed. The claws of the shadow mother are not easy to decipher with rationality. For it may be easy to pin down a tyrant of masculine form by its overtly aggressive nature, yet the facets of the shadow mother are anything but. They are slow and steady, careful and slithering.

I tell you now, we are the children walking through the forest In the myth of Hansel and Gretel. Our parents have abandoned us, and now we have nothing but the chaos of the forest to guide us. Our parents have neglected us and forced us to get food of our own accord. And so we wander, we wander out into the abyss. We try our best, and even use our modern intelligence to find our way back home. We try to conserve the path back to civilization with bread crumbs, but oh, how nature’s chaos and beasts gobble them up! And so we as children, brother and sister, hand in hand, walk deeper into the forest . . . Our bellies scream for food! We are so hungry, so in need for something to keep us whole . . . And oh! What is this? A house made of sweets! What a nice surprise. The skeptical and intuitive of us look at the house and are filled with uncanny uncertainty, a feeling alone that is not accepted or understood by all. We, the children of earth, we have now walked into this house. As we walk in, a smiling woman looks at us, and she promises to feed us everything we need! Oh, how caring, how compassionate and loving she is. This woman of nature, in the forest all by herself, what a beautiful thing to see! The sisters of our world trust this woman, yet the brothers are not sure.

But it’s too late.

The brothers are caged up. And the sisters are made slaves. We are fed, and fed, and fed, and fed, and then fed some more. How much of this relentless feeding can our bellies take? For the great mother is feeding us her spirit, she is smothering us slowly, like a frog being boiled so slowly that it has no idea of its looming death. The Matrixes of our civilization are making us ever so tasty and ready for the final crescendo. We are told it is okay to submit, it’s okay to submit to the most base of pleasures and degeneracy. Don’t worry, it’s okay, eat as much as you like, and feel as much pleasure as you want. But who is telling us this? This is simply an impression the wise feel, garnered from the sum of the collective spirit of the shadow mother. The mother wants us weak, wants us reliant, wants us well fed. And she wants this all for herself. She wishes to cook us all slowly, baking us into the finest treats. So finally, when we have reached boiling point, and we scream and shout in painful woe, she can finally put an end to all of us.

How loving and compassionate of her.

My worry comes from the snake-like nature of the shadow mother. She, unlike her dark husband, is invisible to the youth and the naïve. The innate anti-Self (anti-Christ) nature of the motherly communistic systems of the past lasted for a far longer time than the shadow father equivalent in Nazism. Jung has analyzed the Nazi spirit as being equivalent to a lightning rod of the shadow of Odin, the archetypal father god of the Germanic culture. A father’s wrath is brutal and overt, whilst the mother’s is meandering and snake-like, cunning and enticing. It is for this reason that systems based on faux notions of “equality”, “fairness”, and “love”, sell much easier to the masses, and for a longer period of time than those of “destroy filth in pursuit of strength”. It is no doubt that many will look at the evils of Nazism with more yuck than the evils of communism. It is perhaps no different on a personal level. We do not look at a mother who enslaves her son from growing up into a full individual man the same way as we do a father who taunts his son relentlessly in pursuit of growth. The tendency here is to view the former as the lesser of evils, when this in my eyes is actually a fairly modern view. The tale of Hansel and Gretel Is from a Freudian perspective an analysis of the devouring mother in symbolic form, and this evil is the womb most are trapped in currently. We are tip-toeing into being reliant on a witch, forced to obey her so we get fed, and therefore forget how to hunt for the food ourselves.

It will not be until we unite the world’s “parents” harmoniously that we can come and follow a narrow path akin to a collective transcendent function. But I must stress, the collective alignment of culture is merely a reflection of the mean sum of all individuals. The fact we have a culture reliant on parasitism is merely a reflection of individuals’ spiritual inner alignment. An equilibrium must be found, and it must be found fast. It’s all well and good for fatherly types pointing out the ridiculousness of many overbearing motherly policies, but all of this is futile until individuals themselves find their own inner equilibrium, and have an intimate relationship to their own dreams, intuition, and unconscious activity.

In the past, the ancient ceremonies known as “The Mysteries”, were what helped initiates of various cultures find an inner balance of inner order and chaos; ultimately showing them the way of life for them (individually), and leading them to their inner voice of wisdom (The Self). It is my belief, that these ceremonies used various ego weakening substances through spiked wines, containing anything from psychedelic ergot (Old school LSD) to psilocybin mushroom. The use of these substances very well could have weakened the ego strength enough to force a confrontation with the shadowy figures of hades, ultimately and eventually surfacing into a state of wholeness and order in the light. It can even be further stated that these mystery ceremonies may have developed through various forms themselves, from the Dionysian Mysteries (the most earthly, and chaotic), to Orpheus (an intermediary of Dionysus and Christ), and then to the ultimate form of Christ, from an archetypal viewpoint being the final crystal form of harmonic balance.

Now we merely have the figure and the goal, but not the ceremonies that led individuals to this spirit. Where are the rituals that lead to individual inner self-regulation of the opposites? Where are the paths that help us develop our inner tree of life? It is perhaps not surprising we see many motifs of “Holy Grails”, chalices, and sacred wines. I will tell you on a personal level, every time I have committed to a personal mysteries ceremony, taking mushrooms either by myself or with loved ones; that I always end up becoming closer to the spirit, and understand what it truly means to bare a cross, and bare the tensions of the opposites. Understanding the importance of allowing life to crucify me constantly.

The mysteries are merely a reminder of what it means to imitate Christ.

But now, where is our reminder? How do we remind everyone constantly of “the plot”? We have no such ceremonies or mysteries anymore, and all things holy are merely crystallized into abstracted dogma. It is in my eyes vital that we must imitate in play and action the plot so we don’t forget. It is as though riding a bike, it is hard to forget, true. Though as the years go by, the skill is sure to be lost, bit by bit. It will always be familiar, but without a jog of the memory, the tricks of the ego will have you believe it is nothing more than childish nonsense.

“So you’re saying we should reintroduce these ancient mystery cults back into society and we all do psychedelics.?”

Well, when it’s put like that it seems pretty crazy. But then again, Carl Jung did say:

“Show me a sane man, and I will cure him for you.”