Point of Connection, A Book Review

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Point of Connection Rosaleen Crowley

Point of Connection is a poetry collection that was combined with several paintings from the author that are displayed throughout the book. Point of Connection was published in 2016 by Roscro and Co. a personal imprint of the author, Rosaleen Crowley. Bradshaw Books from Cork, Ireland was a collaborator in the publishing.

The book has an interesting cover which leaves the potential reader wondering what is inside. The quality can be felt as one flips through the pages of this collection. The book is rather long physically and has the appearance of a book for children, making it stand out. Someone with a bookshelf will have to likely store it elsewhere do to this. There are many poems in the collection, placed in categories by the selected painting that inspired the poems. With 61 pages it can be easily read in an hour.

Many of the poems rhyme and are based upon nature, leaving the reader with a wish for greater variety. I personally found the titles of the poems to be interesting, an example being “Passage of Time”. The author is from Ireland and the poems reflect an upbringing there, along with a few of the paintings.

I would recommend this book to someone who is interested in rhyming poetry, nature, or who has small children who would enjoy the wordplay. Point of Connection is available for purchase from Barnes and Nobles here.

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