Apokálypsis – The End? Or The Beginning?

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In 2012, much of the world stood still in a sceptical and almost disbelieving humour. The end of the Mayan Calander it was said, the end of the world! The apocalypse! Most did not believe at the time, and any mention of – “The end of the world”, was something to joke and laugh about, something not to be taken seriously. It was simply written off as superstitious lunacy by most. It wasn’t, after all, the first time we had heard such a statement; whether that be from an overly enthusiastic priest, or a local oddball that picked up attention from some newspaper trying to make headlines. And then came 2020, the year all seemed to turn on its head. I can’t lie to you, before the arrival of 2020, I had a somewhat gut wrenching feeling that there would be a shift, I even kept making a bad joke prior to new years day in 2019 saying – “The last time it was 2020,  it was 1010!”. Aside from my poor jokes, I’m sure the reader can empathise that it isn’t completely unnatural to make such pattern recognitions, we are only human after all. I suppose much of intuition is largely based on recognising patterns. I say largely in italics here as it is to be taken with a pinch of salt, the extent to where intuition stems, and how deeps it goes, it something that many would suggest goes right down to a mystical and transcendent level, and not something merely in the world of pattern programming within the personal unconscious. Regardless, in the years between 2012 and 2020, looking back now, I felt an undeniable tension in the air. There was something in the undergrowth of the collective unconscious that was building. Most couldn’t feel it, but the people who I spoke to who were tuned in to it, the regular meditators, or the deeply spiritual or intuitive; they all agreed whole heartedly that something was reaching a climax. And it all seemed to start in 2012 . . .

“Modern man can’t see god because he doesn’t look low enough.”

Carl Jung

Some of the people who I perceive as closest to god are those who are forced to look the lowest. And who looks lower than the homeless? At a time prior to 2020, I was in what I perceived to be a coming of age stage of my life. It was a time where I was learning much about myself, life,and the interconnectedness of everything. Most importantly, it was through this period where I went from a rationalist atheist, to a humble god fearing mystic. Whilst I consider myself still a rationalist, I now have accepted that much of what there is, is far out of the reach of my intellect; and for that reason I do not just rely on my intellect, but instead accept it as part of my whole self, but still only that, a part. Humility brings many gifts to a self, as when one is brought right to the bottom, one can not help but see things in there most fundamental and basic form. Punishment is the ultimate humiliator, and it brings people right back down to their core, forcing them to show their true colours, and helping them see others colours too. Homelessness is one of the most cruel punishments that anyone can be cursed with. Especially when that person may of once lived a life with everything: a home, a family, food, water, security, tranquillity; and then, to have it all taken away over some incident either self induced or by unfortunate occurrence is peak brutality to say the least. It is for this reason that many homeless people who have held on to their mind by avoiding the escapism trap of drugs, may actually become some of the wisest and most enlightened people. It is no surprise then that we see many examples of homeless people who bounce back in such dramatic proportions, as the period of being forced to look low has brought them the gifts of insight. The inverse is also true here. It is this insight that can be too much to bear for many, causing them to smother their painful reality in addictions of all kinds. This here brings me onto a memory that has ceased to leave me. During one of my outings in London, in what I believe was about 2017. I was walking down to the toilets at waterloo station on my own. On the steps down, there was a homeless man sitting who caught my eye. This man caught my attention because he had a child like and wide eyed demeanour that spoke to me. His head was up and active. It was clear he was aware and paying attention to all those who walked past, whilst those who walked by acted as if he didn’t exist. The contrast in itself was enough to speak volumes of how different the two worlds were. It may have been because I was regularly meditating as this time, but for a long period during this time, I had a dormant anxiety that something was building, and this was all part of what I now know to be my intuition sensing the looming apokálypsis (Greek for “uncovering”, not simply meaning the end of the world). I spoke in length to this man, captivated by his purity and his story. I will not go into details of what his story was, but what I can say, is that we both felt something was coming. We didn’t know what, when, how, or who, but we knew something was coming.

If 2012 was the beginning of the motions, 2020 was when the motions truly started to be unveiled. The developments myself and this homeless man were feeling, then, seemed to be the changes unravelling within the cultural collective psyche; this can be picked up on by either feeling, or observed through the forthcoming of certain movements or cultural works, whether that be art, narratives, pressures, focuses, or: possessions. What possesses a cultures focus speaks volumes about its inner workings and development. The world beneath the surface continues to work and develop whether we realise it or not. The workings of the unconscious of every man and woman will undoubtedly be shown through the signs of what they move towards and show interest in, regardless of whether they know it or not. The pressures put upon the unconscious to prohibit a catharsis, or a surfacing, will at one point or another have to come to light, for no energy can stay dormant forever within the unconscious, it is either surfaced willingly, or projected through brute force like an explosion of psychosis. Without adopting the mantra of wilfully venturing inside ourselves and looking low, the pressures of the unconscious will become overbearing, and will explode out in a shadow of destruction, deformity, and inversion. It is no wonder why so many now no longer laugh so easily at the notion of apocalypse, for things have now reached boiling point, and become undeniable. All that lay calmly within the cauldron, is now boiling and bursting at the seams out and onto land. This is once again a great duality. It is volatile and may seem like the end, and this is true to some extent. What we once knew and accepted as norm is coming to an end, but an end is only an end because what was not known has now come to fruition, the truth that was in darkness has come to light, and now the truth is undeniable and must be accepted. This is the true meaning of apokálypsis.

Apokálypsis, then, is not simply good nor bad. Whilst every end and climax comes with a most visceral reaction, the light is always darkest before the dawn. The Mayans saw 2012 as the beginning of a period of positive transformation, not simply the end of the world and that’s that, but instead the end of the world as we know it. Times are changing fast, and we have developed so much in an area we never had before over the last 300 years- our intellect. But in this focus on intellect, its opposite has been lurking in the abyss of our shadow waiting for reconciliation, like a desperate maiden awaiting her husband at war. The war is still on going, and I do not know how much deeper nor longer it will continue, but I do truly believe, that we should fear not. For this period of instability is simply a period where the transformation is at its greatest intensity. We are at a period of cultural tension, a period that proceeds reunion. We are approaching the point where a coming together can no longer be resisted. I do not need to go further to state what is the result of this on a personal level, but for the layman, it is new life.

A baby of the new world is in the making.

Is this merely a metaphor for a spirit coming together within both culture and the unconscious of all? Or will this spirit find form within a body and act as the shining light for the truth and the way for all to see as example. This now is entering the territory of Revelation, and for this we must discuss the elusive figure of Antichrist.

Before there can be rebirth of the new world, a new world that many would call the new age of  Aquarius; all things must be fully unveiled (apokálypsis), and for a complete unveiling of the shadow, the shadow must reach its peak and final form. When we look around now, and recognise all the deformities, lies, and inversions of truth and goodness, all the things we see that go against what we know in our heart to be truth; there will come a time where all of this shadowy spirit coagulates into a body of darkness. This body, starting in the hearts of all those that hold shadow within them, will build and build until it finds a lightning rod to conduct through. I have talked before about how Hitler was the rod of the dark Odin for Germany’s wrath, and so eventually the spirit of darkness we are seeing today will eventually centralise into an apex, and find form in one man. This man, will be the antichrist.

The nature of the shadow is best understood as a trickster, and that is why so many people are led to believe in the tricks of fake virtue. The trickster will convince you that he is doing good, and that the actions are justified. This works by hijacking parts of yourself, but never letting the parts be fully integrated into the whole (the Christ, the truth, the image of God, the Jungian Self). Therefore, this is known as Antichrist, a coming together of parts, (33.3% of parts if you apply the logic of angels who fell with lucifer, and acquaint this with the parts of the Self as analogous), but never capturing the whole of the kingdom of heaven (“The Kingdom of heaven is within you” – Luke 17:21).

The antichrist will appeal as both pragmatic and mystical, appealing to both the non-believer and believer alike. Anyone can be fooled if not aligned fully with the spirit of truth completely. It is said this antichrist will bring peace to the Middle East, bringing a new temple within Israel, and will be worshipped by many as a new messiah and bringer of peace. At the time I write this now, Israel and Palestine are at the peak of a new war, with unfathomable evils taking place. Is this is all happening on track and as prophesised? It’s hard not to make a connection . . .

 This trickster of the darkness is said to be a captivating orator, and will speak to the people who are desperate to believe. In a time now where so many are nihilistic, meaningless, and desperate to be given a narrative to believe in, is it really that improbable that finally one man will speak to the hearts of the confused and the naïve; these easily led ones, he will tell them what they want to hear with almost perfect precision. He will be the ultimate leader of all the so called “awake” ones. But those who have wise eyes and ears will see through the words of this dark trickster, for he speaks through forked tongue, and speaks not through the truth in alignment with fundamental reality, but instead in alignment with a manufactured and plastic reality that is slowly being carved and shown to us in replacement for the real truth that has always been, now and forever. Has it not always been the greatest trick of the devils to take peoples desperation and conform that into the will of their own evil? As stated before, when people are low enough, they are most open to god. Yet, they are also the most open to the lull of addiction and the possession of evil.

Many eyes have been opened over the last few years. We look now and see the rise of technologies that have the potential to cut us off from our whole completely. Mentions of such as a mark of the beast being required to buy and sell. If we look around now and see a world becoming less focused on cash, it only takes a simple moment of thought to comprehend what this could mean to those who go against the system in the future. An interconnected global system, where a mark must be taken to trade, and if one goes against the system, this mark will not be granted, and they will be forced to suffer and starve. We are already seeing leaders taking away the ability to spend money if their people dissent on such and such political matters. We really must then ask – Where is this all going? What, is this all setting and paving the way for?

I do not know completely on what is to come, yet I still fear not. I fear not because all of this is part of the great unveiling of truth. The truth when supressed will become angry and devastating, but the snake in the shadow can only creep for so long until it becomes so large and overt that it is no longer a snake hiding in the grass. When everything is shown for what it is, no one will have any choice but to look and accept.

“But it will be too late by then!”

When that comes, times will indeed be at their darkest. But, it is always darkest before the new dawn. When the darkness fully develops, it has reached its very own end and run its course. All of this darkness is merely the final pave stone for the great and true unveiling. It is only when what we call “Apocalypse” has happened, that true apokálypsis will follow.

The end is only the beginning,

Truth will return, but we must be patient.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

Jesus – John 14:6