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Trying to Make it Big

We are all trying to make it big. Get more money, become famous. Is that not what we are all doing, whether we admit it or not? Are all the writers not looking for their name to be in print? Are the businessmen not wanting their name in the local paper? Everyone wants money, and everyone wants fame regardless. Why would someone try to “make it”? I think there is a certain group of us who must. We psychologically have to. Many of those in the world who are currently trying to move up will fail and end up worse than those who took the simple route. Those who succeed, though, the people who do make it, they have achieved freedom and won the game of life. It is a ridiculously small fraction who indeed win. Some are misled; others have a destiny and a legacy. Many of us have it in our blood and our soul. We are living for our dreams. You can find us in the coffee shops, the parks, the apartments, the public square. Seek authenticity and creativity, and you shall win.

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1 thought on “Trying to Make it Big

  1. People think that doing this is shallow, but in some ways, it’s good that we have this drive innately built into us, because it makes sure we have something pushing us to strive. If we do it correctly, making it is never evil. Thanks for sharing!

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