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The King places the crown upon himself, allowing his reign of pleasure and wealth to begin.

The King, Poetry of Wealth and Power

For the King has rings, for the King has riches.

Many wives and many mansions. He loves his life of luxury.

Guards defend all he adores; his life is the most simple.

But is it fruitful? Is it true?

He does not follow the Lord, like you and me.

The King expands his pleasure and glory at the cost of many lives.

He enjoys daily when his servants collect honey from the finest hives.

Does this man do work?

Does this man have wisdom?

He pursues only the present, erasing the past.

He believes all is a game; therefore, he only cherishes fame.

This man may survive; this man may continue.

When the King is old, when the King is frail, nobody will care for him, there is no avail.

When his time has come to pass, what will be his legacy?

Will it be fame? Will it be fortune?

As this frail old man takes his final breaths, he is full of regrets.

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