The Forgotten

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Who defends the weak?

Who defends the poor?

They are passed by, they are forgotten.

This world pushes them to the streets it makes them public in their defeat.

Though they are righteous, though they are true, who will defend them?

Neither me, nor you.

Forsaken by family, forsaken by all.

Who comes to them when they make their last call?

There is one who remained with them through all the fight.

One who remained with them, through the cold of night.

They knew not that he was there.

That one day, many years ago the preacher had saved them the preacher had cared.

They remember his word; they remember his favor.

He talked of Jesus Christ! He talked of a savior!

As their time on earth has come to pass, they remember his name at last.

They pray quietly as the rustling merchants walk by, when they finish, they look up to the sky.

Their prayer was received, they were forgiven.

With a final breath, they pass at last.

This was their final task.

As our story comes to an end, who defends the weak?

Who defends the poor?

Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords, and Savior of all.

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