The Fisherman

For the fisherman has no rest.

He leaves his small home and family early every morning.

What is his reward?

What is his motive?

His motive is honest, his motive is true.

He wants to earn a living just like me and you.

He is a simple man, his father taught him fishing.

It is in his soul to make sure that there is a fish in every family’s kitchen.

The sea is his life, the sea has no end.

He is a follower of Christ, spreading the good news to all.

He was converted as a small lad, many years ago.

He never forgets to bring his Bible, no matter the occasion.

Through rocks may tumble, through rocks may fall, this fisherman never forgets what gave him all.

He thanks the Lord everyday for his life, and especially for giving him such a caring wife.

His living is honest, his living is true.

One day, he hopes to meet, me and you.

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