The Broom Maker

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For he sits all day working, a master of his craft.

As the generations pass, he never seems to tire.

He is a happy man, true to his honest labor.

What he makes may last a lifetime or two and is used by all of us, me and you.

What does he make?

What does he make?

Well, it gives a rattle and a shake!

Providing this crafted item to those who pass, he has made many remember of the old man sitting on the corner.

Where does he come from and where does he go?

Folklore does not even know.

Your grandparents have seen him, and he is quite the legend, how does he live so long?

Does he never retire?

For the man of which I speak is blind, but he is quite obviously the most kind.

So, what does he make as we come to the end?

A simple broom is what he makes!

A broom you ask?

Yes, a broom for sweeping your room!

As we end the story and your car goes zoom past this man, you notice a smile on his tan face that you never forget.

This is truly a man with no regret.

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