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Collin Cooper is a Philosopher, Published Poet, Best Selling Author, Christian Apologist, Artist, and so much more. His work has been viewed over one million times in more than 50 countries. He writes to inspire, motivate, and encourage people to embrace the challenge of life. You can learn more about Collin here.

Executive Editor

Justin Egliskis is a podcaster, athlete, and a leader fundamentally. He focuses on financial literacy, health, psychology, and spirituality. His calling is rooted in truth, living with the values of authenticity, kindness, and freedom at his core. He aims to bring purpose and passion to each individual’s life, improving the world-leading by example.

Executive Editor

Rogerio Marques Philosophical Rambler

Rogério Marques is a content creator with a background in biochemistry and a decade of work experience in digital health. More recently in his life, Rogério invested in himself, focusing on soft skills such as leadership, emotional intelligence, and Philosophy. He has a particular interest in ancient philosophy and wisdom. You can find him on Twitter here.

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