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Philosophical Rambler

Spinning, Free Verse Poetry

Spinning and fading

Into this once more

Euphoric state

The symptoms of genius

Now taking place

Has reality become a friend?

Or does it hold a knife?

Does it chase after you?

Or does it sit in the corner?

Maybe you have taken the knife

From the child that is


Thus murdering any reality

From ever existing

Living on a continual high

Finding success on the lows

Past fulfilled

Present now aligned

At long last

Future embodies joy

At last

Slitting the throat of the demons

You become free

Is that dark?

Where they come from is dark

People choose to ignore the darkness

We flee from anything dark

Yet if we sit in the room

That we used to run out of

As the lights would turn off

We would be set free

Or would the cause

Of our death

Be insanity?

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