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Pathway, Free Verse Poetry

These perspectives

Push you further

To the edge of the known

Into the paths

We aren’t meant to walk.

What is the point of it all?

Choosing what part of yourself

To save from the house fire.

No matter what you retrieve

You will come back to find

Something you cared for

Covered in ash.

How can someone choose?

Who can answer that?

Choosing life or ambition

Is ambition not life?

Is ambition to live not enough?

What are we even fighting for anymore?

Telling ourselves everyday

“This is why you are here”

But do we really believe that?

Or do we believe our own lies?

One day

You will find the truth,

Your meaning in life.

Looking back you will see

How the struggle forged the hero

How it was all meant to be

You will see.

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