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Pages, Free Verse Poetry

How many pages

Can I fill

Until the feeling

Goes away

Or will it ever?

Who can answer such a question?

What book will tell us the answer?

What religion must be founded?

What music must be made?

What book must be sold?

Who will consume this product you have created?

Will they not think you insane?

Will they not think you worthy of death?

Will they not think you a fool?

When persecuted, will you throw yourself into the abyss?

Will you gamble away that which remains?

Will you drink away the pain?

Or will you face the demons

That now charge at you.

How many pages

Can we all fill

Before this feeling

Goes away?

Can a human answer this question?

Or do we need a god?

Shall we just pick one?

Or shall we craft one anew?

Who will be the leader of this cult?

What will be our means of attaining our goal?

Or will we end up like the rest

Collapsed internally and thus back

Into society once more.

How many pages

Can god fill before

This feeling goes away?

Do men not claim to have received

That which is sent from the heavens above?

Oh! Oh!

Such despair

Have we found ourselves

Collectively sunken into!

Run, Run!

I urge you my friend

Run from this pit

That you find us all in

For you won’t help anyone here

By trying to pull them out

Do not show them kindness!

Do not put in your hand!

They shall tear it off

And share your flesh amongst themselves

Thinking it a gift from their god

Thinking it a fulfilled prophecy from their book

Or maybe they think

You are god!

For they have been caught

In such delusions for so long

And insanity has become the plague.

Despair abounds

In this marathon filled with potholes

With land mines scattered

How many pages can this world fill

Until this feeling goes away?

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