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Man and his Shadow

Man and his shadow are the perfect example of human existence and its effects on nature as a whole. The sun is shining, and the birds are chirping, the grass is green, and the air is crisp. As a man walks by, he casts a shadow upon the grass, causing the sun to be blotted out. The longer the man stands there, the longer he is removing the primary source of life for the grass. If he were to continue to stand there indefinitely, we would begin to see the grass become dry and aged. Eventually, it would break down entirely, and one would have to start the process of growing all over again.

What happens if we can not grow what we have destroyed? This is a problem that our world today faces, and it will require a global effort. Man can not create a new ocean, he may mimic nature, but he cannot create it because he is part of nature itself. He is the one animal that has an adverse effect on all other creatures. Any other creature we examine, we find that they do not affect the lives of others to the extent humans do. With such great destruction and side effects of human existence, one would begin to consider the negatives to our existence as a species, and rightfully so.

The longer man casts his shadow over nature, the faster all species and ecosystems of this world will decline. I do not consider this to be harsh as this is indeed what we have done. Are we not killing nature in every aspect? On the reverse of this picture, we see man contributing greatly to all ecosystems and strengthening nature as a whole. His power is immense, but he wields it clumsily. If mankind can work together for the greater benefit of the world in the sense of restoring what nature is still possible, this world will be a much better place. Walk outside on a sunny day, breath the air, smell the flowers, watch the sun glistening off the grass. Enjoyment of nature, a true reason to live.

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