Be Ready

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Are you ready to go? Are you ready to leave this world at any moment? You don’t know when your name will be called. Your eyes will flutter, and your heart will slow, and you will fade away. Like jumping on the school bus that first day, all those years ago. Doesn’t it feel like yesterday? Are you ready? Or are you scared? Shouldn’t we all be? I’m scared too. Maybe so are you. This is all we know. Sometimes the hardest way, is the way home. Driving through the thunderstorm on empty, hoping to reach the garage. Do we not call heaven the place of peace? Receiving freedom from this body that weighs us down, leaving an empty shell. Pack your bags to go home.

 What can we take with us? Memories, knowledge, and personality remain with us eternally. Are not those the most valuable things? How can you take someone you care about with you? Live the gospel. Carry your cross up the hill and endure the suffering of this world. Set an example that people will remember. This is the Christian way, the way of showing the world who we are. Read, pray, fast, and above all care for others. Remove all obstacles to this life that you currently face. Live it out, refine yourself daily.

 Be ready.

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