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Are you a Philosopher? Here are three ways to know

Are you a philosopher? Here are three ways to tell if a career related to Philosophy is for you.

1. You argue

Philosophers love to argue, debate and discuss complex subjects. If you love to debate others and argue that you are right, you may be a philosopher. Philosophers can practically talk for an entire day, going back and forth, talking about a variety of different subjects. They want to prove that their answer is correct, and once convinced of a conclusion, it may be hard for them to reconsider it. So, do you love to debate or argue your worldview? Philosophy may be a career choice for you.

2. You think outside of the box

Philosophers are always thinking outside of the box and reconsidering the considered standard practices of the world or the individual. Thinking about what may seem insignificant to the rest of the world is primarily the occupation of philosophers. Are you fascinated by a complex subject, but you feel that you can give valuable insight? Consider philosophy.

3. You find small phrases that have no meaning to others, but they are significant to you

If you are a philosopher, you find yourself asking a lot of questions. Why do we exist? How can we improve the world? You always question authority and keep a watchful eye on government and your fellow man. People may say “Hello!” to you, but you question their motive or what is behind their words. That is a crucial sign that you have the mindset of a philosopher.


If you fit the description of some of the qualities or personality traits listed above, you may be a philosopher! Being a philosopher is an excellent aspect of a person if they recognize it within their personality. It makes you feel at home when you find others like you, and it will give you a sense of community. Careers outside of academia that involve purely writing, debating, and teaching philosophy are rare but achievable through hard work and dedication. So, you want to be a famous philosopher? Start your journey today!

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