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Anticipation Poetry

Anticipation, Free Verse Poetry

Old friend,

Look where we have found ourselves..

Could you have imagined this?


What a journey

Soul, do you recall those times of despair?

Living objectivity.

Dearest friend,

What is the word

To describe the highest form of joy?

Can one live beyond joy?

What problems we have!

Is it possible

To smile and sigh at once?

Who can answer these questions?

Searching in a circle.



Oh if one could describe

That which is beyond words!

Twirling words

Like a child toys with a flower

Looking for perfection

Yet finding simplicity

How we have been decieved!

Existence fulfilled?

Oh we are but beginning!

Losing sense of speed,

Traveling with the light.

One domino is all that is needed.

Chill down your spine.

Imagining how life would be.

Reading books written to you.

Inside the mind of the ancients.

Look at us now!

Stop and look!

The human experience.

Oh how one could go on.

Once in the ocean…

To return to the shore!

Look around.

Oh this is it!



Disappearing into the light.

This is it.


Onward we march!

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