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Philosophical Rambler is the premier publication for traditionalist thought in Philosophy, Christianity, Literature, and Lifestyle. PR strives to amplify the finest voices from around the world, as tradition makes its final stand against the destruction of truth. We are both a publication and a literary collective.

The goal of PR is to inspire the masses with actionable ideas and enriching theory. How do we accomplish this? PR is able to inspire millions of people across the world by producing the highest quality writing aimed at everyone, from the miner to the professor. We write theory for the sake of opening the mind and actionable advice so that people may live what they believe.

We create our content based on themes that have inherent value to people and society, as well as what is causing culture to adapt and innovate. PR is at the forefront of the traditionalist revival taking place today, allowing us to cover many subjects within one organization. The subjects we write about are…Philosophy, Christianity, Lifestyle, and Poetry. PR also publishes written interviews and reviews.

Philosophical Rambler was founded by Collin Cooper on January 1st, 2021, and has since reached over three million people through all channels. In January 2022, Collin began building a team to further the goal of PR and expand the capabilities that were present. You can read about Collin here, and check out our team below.


Collin Cooper is a Philosopher, Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, and the Founder of Philosophical Rambler. His work has been read over two million times in over 60 countries across the world. You can read more about him here. He is based in Carmel, Indiana.


Luka is a patron of Philosophical Rambler. He enjoys impacting the lives of others and translating funding into action. He resides in Montreal, Canada.

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