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Philosophical Rambler is a digital platform at the frontier of culture promoting the free discussion of ideas relating to Philosophy, Christianity, Literature, Art, and so much more. PR strives to amplify the finest voices from around the world, as tradition makes its final stand against corruption and censorship.

The goal of PR is to inspire the masses with revolutionary ideas. How do we accomplish this? PR is able to inspire millions of people across the world by producing the highest quality writing aimed at everyone, from the intellectual to the beginner. We create our content based on themes that have inherent value to people and society, as well as what is causing culture to adapt and innovate.

Philosophical Rambler stands for beauty, tradition, creative freedom, intellectual discovery, and the pursuit of excellence.

PR further accomplishes the goal of inspiring people around the world by producing the finest clothing with aesthetic and artistic appeal. All our apparel is unisex and exclusively developed for Philosophical Rambler, with many limited-edition releases in demand. Check out our clothing here.

Philosophical Rambler was founded by Collin Cooper on January 1st, 2021, and has since reached over a million people through all channels. In January of 2022, Collin began building a team to further the goal of PR and expand the capabilities that were present. You can read about Collin here, and check out our team here.

If you’d like to publish digitally or in print with Philosophical Rambler, send us an email at

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